Our Story



Why We Exist 

Everything we create serves the purpose of ultimately allowing you to explore on your terms, whenever or wherever. You have one life, we want to help you make it count. 

Established in the high desert of Bend, Oregon, we experience 100-degree afternoons in the summer and 3-foot winter snow storms. Living and creating in such a dynamic environment allows us to be confident that whatever we build will serve you in nearly any situation.

We're informed by the culture of individuals from every corner of the globe that come to experience the wide variety of outdoor activities in our backyard. Founded with a design-led philosophy, our goal is to create product that not only function's well, but will also look modern and timeless well into the future.



Our Values

We aren't looking to target a demographic; we're looking to connect to a mindset. 

A mindset of freedom, exploration, optimism, and a belief that we're connected by more things than were divided by. This mindset goes beyond age, sex, race, or any other label, and seeks to find the best in ourselves and those around us.

Our values also include building products from the best materials available. We create products that last longer and minimize the need for more. Buying better means buying less.

  Founders Story



Terrascout was founded by Rob Williams, in early 2019. Although Terrascout is a startup in every sense of the word, it is also the culmination of fifteen years of varied and deep experience at some of the world's most renowned and innovative brands. 
As a young child, Rob filled sketchbooks with designs of cars and shoes. Inspired by great products of the late eighties and early nineties such as the Countach (who wasn't) and any number of new Nike model's, Rob was enamored with design. In high school, Rob preferred rock climbing and being outdoors to attending school, much to his parent's chagrin. Knowing that a traditional college wasn't a good fit, he was accepted to study automotive design at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.
Rob gained his first professional experience as an automotive exterior designer at BMW and Jeep. He then switched industries and landed at Nike, where he designed and led some of the most important footwear product launches for Nike Running and Training. Finally, previous to launching Terrascout, Rob served as the Chief Creative Officer at Rivian. Responsible for Brand and Automotive Design, he gained valuable insight into successfully creating and executing a vision at a startup, all while building and leading a world-class design team.
In founding Terrascout, Rob aims to bring modern men's products to life that help our customers explore their world while establishing a brand that brings people together around shared interests.